May 22, 2012

What To Do with your Old Vista Home Computer

Times have changed. It used to be that your Vista laptop was top of the line. It did serve you well, yes it did. But now, it has grown old and sluggish. It has become bloated with large and sometimes unnecessary software. There were too many corrections on the original version of the operating system. It seemed that it was shipped with too many vulnerabilities that were not addressed during the development process. Perhaps there were some fatal flaw in its basic design, we don't know.

It takes too long to boot and it makes too much use of your laptop's hard disk. With Vista in your laptop, your hard disk may soon give up and break down. Its network connection leaves so much to be desired. It breaks down so easily even if you have a router that uses its firewall to flag undesirable connections. You can't stay long in the Internet without something happening to your connection. Now, you're thinking of replacing your Vista laptop with something better, something that boots faster, more agile, takes care of the hard disk, and provides a more stable network connection.

But don't throw out your Vista laptop yet. Because it is possible to breathe new life on it. You can revive your aging laptop with a new and better operating system. And guess what: that new operating system is Linux.

Yes times have changed. Game changing major developments have occurred in the Linux community recently. Internet's search behemoth Google has supported the development of a Linux derivative in the form of Android, a powerful and versatile operating system for mobile devices. There was a blossoming of Linux distributions that cater to anyone's unique and particular taste, from the tiny ones that run from a floppy disk to the full blown types that are capable of slogging it out with the much maligned Windows operating system.

Ubuntu was one of the first distributions that have won acceptance in the business community and gained wide following among computer enthusiasts.  Then came Puppy Linux and Parted Magic but the most outstanding and very much suited for use in home computers is Linux Mint. It's hard to believe that a group of committed and passionate open source developers supported only with donations could come up with such an excellent output. Linux Mint is to say the least simply phenomenal.

With Linux Mint you can say goodbye to the long time that you have to wait before your Vista laptop can boot up and is ready for use. Say hello to a clean and attractive Mac like desktop that can work as fast as you can. Bid adieu to the valuable time you have wasted finding out why you lost your Internet connection. Welcome to the ease of use and flawless design that wouldn't send you calling technical support for the rest of your working life. But most of all, feel the excitement of having extra cash in your pocket and why so? Because Linux Mint is totally and absolutely free.

Switching from Windows Vista to Linux Mint won't take a leap of faith on your part for as your children would say it's very much Windows like. You wouldn't miss a thing from your old Windows environment because what you did have in Windows are amply provided for with a more thought of and better alternative. Home computers are meant to do just simple things and don't need to have a software environment full of things that are nice to have but are never used. Linux Mint is the best alternative for the Windows Vista that is now installed in your laptop.

And so my recommendation is for you to download the latest Linux Mint installation file and burn it to a blank DVD disc using the BurnCDCC software. Reboot your laptop and setup your BIOS to boot from your DVD drive. Linux Mint will run as a live DVD installation. Test drive it and if you like it, you can dual boot your Vista laptop with Linux Mint. Then if you think you're ready to part ways with  your Vista, remove Vista and replace it entirely with Linux Mint.