May 21, 2012

Give your Old Vista Laptop a New Lease of Life with Linux Mint

You have been using your old Vista laptop for several years already and for a while you notice that it is exhibiting symptoms of old age. No longer does it look classy and grand but it has gotten more difficult to work with. It takes some time to boot and you notice that it has become more and more sluggish. It uses your laptop's hard disk too much that you worry of again suffering from a broken hard disk. You wait until your hard disk is no longer busy before starting any work, fearing that your hard disk may break down again.

Worry no more for there's a solution to your problem. Software developers from the Linux community has come up with a new operating system that can pose a big challenge to the Windows dominance in the market for home computers. It is known as Linux Mint and you can use it to replace your aging Vista and breathe new life to your  old laptop.

Home computers do not need expensive and full featured operating systems similar to those found in government and business offices. They have no need for sophisticated software programs for the service that they render are simple and straightforward. Linux Mint happens to provide this exact fit for the software requirements of a home computer. It is undoubtedly more superior to your aging Vista in more ways than one but its most astonishing feature is that it won't cost you a penny to use it. Yes, the operating system is free an you can simply download it from the Internet and install it in your laptop.

But before you can use it, you need to make a bootable DVD first. For this, you have to do a relatively large file download. I suggest that you use a Torrent client to download the Linux Mint installation image. To create the Linux Mint boot disc, download the BurnCDCC software and use it to make a boot DVD disc with the Linux Mint installation file as the input. Then you can restart your laptop and during the startup set your BIOS to boot from the DVD ROM drive.

You can test drive first how it will work with your old laptop by running it live from the DVD drive of your laptop. Once convinced of its usefulness and  its fitness to respond to your home computing needs, you can either dual boot Linux Mint with your Windows Vista on your laptop or replace your old Vista totally with Linux Mint. Dual booting allows you to run two operating systems on your laptop by giving you a choice as to which operating system to start when you turn on your laptop. It allows you to accomplish tasks that can only be done on Vista and at the same time gives you a chance to experience a new way of home computing with Linux Mint.

You won't find it difficult to switch from Windows Vista to Linux Mint because the Linux Mint desktop works just like how it is done in Vista with windows representing running applications in your laptop. However, you will certainly feel a taste of Mac like elegance in the way how windows are drawn and the crispness in the way text is displayed on the desktop. You don't need to buy additional software since it comes to you complete and ready to go. You can install additional software from the Linux Mint software repository if you want to include a specific functionality that suits your particular needs.

You also save much needed cash firstly since you may decide not to buy a new laptop and then you get to extend the useful life of your old laptop. And if you really need to buy a new one for your home, you can buy one that has no operating system installed and install Linux Mint on it. You thus generate cash savings that you can use for other important purposes. The savings could be substantial if you think of additional software that you need to buy if you go with a new Windows laptop.

We are grateful to the committed and passionate software developers in the Linux community for giving us an outstanding product that enables us to perform our home computing tasks more easily and more effectively and at the same time enabling us to save some cash that can greatly help us in these times of serious financial crisis. Once you have experience using Linux Mint in your old Vista laptop, perhaps you'll agree with me that Linux Mint is not only astonishing. In one word, it's phenomenal.