November 22, 2011

Publish Online at Minimal Cost using Free Software and Potentially Make Money

The Age of Expensive Print Publishing is Long Gone

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to publish his or her work online. In the old days, you need to have access to large-scale printing equipment to be able to publish your written work. And this entails expenses for the materials and labor needed to produce a good number of copies that can be sold or given free.

The more copies that you need the produce, the more expensive the undertaking would be. And sending these copies to their intended recipients would also entail shipping expenses that can add to the cost of the traditional publishing approach. Distributing copies worldwide can indeed be a huge financial burden.

Publish Online Using a Portion of Internet Connection and Electricity Costs

Today, everyone who has a laptop and an Internet connection can already publish his or her work instantaneously at a click of the mouse at very minimal expense. Anyone can create his or her own website and publish her written works for everyone to read or appreciate. A number of free software applications are available to help the publisher in creating his or her work and converting it into the various formats suited to the needs of the devices used by the readers.

You may argue that owning a wireless router and paying for Internet connection costs are substantial expenses that need to be taken account of. But you can also share your Internet connection with others and have them likewise share the connection cost with you. And as you publish more and more works in the Internet, these costs are distributed to more outputs thereby lowering your unit costs. Plus, there is a potential for recovering your Internet connection and electricity cost by choosing to earn money from advertisements that can be displayed on your website.

Make Use of Google's Free Website Space and Online Publishing Tools

Google offers you free space to create your own website and make money on the written works that you have produced. You can either create your website at Google Sites or at In both cases, you can choose to let Google display advertisements on your site and share in the revenues generated from advertisements displayed on your site. As a Google publisher, you will also be given free use of Google's vast array of website management tools to improve the visibility of your site and make it friendlier to search engines. You would be able to measure different aspects of your site's performance and correct any weakness that you find in your site.

Use Free Software in Preparing your Work Before they are Published Online

Your computer will undoubtedly have a program for entering and saving written text. You can start writing by using this program to write the first draft of an article or book. You might later on need to display tables and images on your document so you'll need a more powerful desktop publishing program. You can download and install the OpenOffice software suite in your computer and use it to prepare the final copy of your written material. OpenOffice has the power and ease of use as the Microsoft Office application but you can get it for free. You do not have to spend a lot of money on other productivity suites that are better packaged and look expensive just to impress your friends.

Use Free Software to Convert your Work from one Format to Another

More and more people are using gadgets and tablets in accessing the vast array of information available in the Internet. As these devices have smaller screens than laptops and desktop monitors, a number of alternative document formats have been developed. Previously, the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) had been considered the standard in presenting written works in the Internet. But as the PDF format did not degrade gracefully when viewed on smaller screen devices, new small screen formats are now being used for reading documents and books on these gadgets and tablets.

To make it easier for you to convert your documents from one format to another, download and install the calibre software application to your computer. The calibre software will enable you to convert your written work in the formats required by smaller screen devices used by an increasing number of readers who are accessing the Internet. In my experience, it is better to use the OpenOffice software for generating a PDF version of your document so it would be best if you use that OpenOffice facility in creating a PDF version of your work. Use the calibre software in creating mobipocket and epub versions of your document.

Publish your Work Online and Recover Part of your Connection and Electricity Costs

Use your free website to promote your written work by posting an article describing the written work that you have created. You are now able to offer different versions of your work for the different gadgets and tablets that your readers may be using. This is a wonderful time to publish your work online at a very minimal cost. And you can choose to display ads on your website to recover part of your Internet connection and electricity costs.