November 19, 2011

Multi-platform Web Publishing Using Free Software on Vista Computer

Web publishers have been used to targeting the relatively large screens provided by laptops and desktop computers when creating their media for publication in the Internet. However, more and more people are using gadgets and tablets to access information from the World Wide Web. Informed web publishers would do well to consider how gadget and tablet users would be able to more easily and conveniently obtain the content that they have created.

Using free software from the Internet, you can easily achieve your goal of reaching out to gadget and tablet users by using free software on your Vista computer.

Preparing your Written Work

In writing articles, you would do well in using the Notepad program already installed in your Vista laptop. However, you can still avail of the powerful spell checking and graphics ability of a more sophisticated software by using the OpenOffice application. You do not have to buy a copy of Microsoft Office to be able to prepare a well-written write-up complete with figures and other text-manipulation features. Just download the OpenOffice application and install it on your Vista computer. Unless you are writing technical reports or lay-outing a magazine, you don't need the powerful features of the expensive desktop productivity software.

Like Microsoft Office, the OpenOffice software enables you to convert your article or book into the portable document format (PDF) which has become an Internet standard for digital written work. It has an adequate spell checking ability and a good enough dexterity to display different types of graphics on your written work. Its table making feature is comparable to that of the Microsoft Office productivity software.

Moving from the elegant approach of Microsoft Office to the more practical style of OpenOffice takes some getting used to. Initially, there would be some inconvenience in looking for where the feature is located on the menu bar. But once you get accustomed to using it, accessing the desktop will become second nature and you would soon be on your way to using open source software. The best thing that would happen is that you get to save enough money to buy the gadget or tablet you have been dreaming of having.

Making your Written Work Friendlier to Gadgets and Tablets

The PDF format provides excellent capability to present your article or book in a very professional looking manner. However, it does not display well on smaller screen gadgets and tablets. Moreover, gadget and tablet makers have developed their own display formats for written documents. The Kindle ebook reader uses the mobi format while the Sony and Nook readers use the epub format.

Fortunately, a free software is available for converting your work into various formats required by the different tablets and gadgets. Download and install the calibre software on your Vista laptop and the format conversion problem of your written work would be magically solved. Calibre is designed to help you manage your ebook collection, convert your ebooks from one format to another, and read your ebooks in whatever format they have been published.

Once you have installed calibre on your Vista computer, you should get used to using it by testing short articles first and converting the article into different formats. Send samples of the articles you have converted to friends using a gadget or a tablet and check how the article is being displayed on the screen. After you have used calibre for a while you will now be ready to use it for the longer written works that you have created. Calibre works well with Vista and is constantly evolving to provide more features that make reading your work more enjoyable on smaller screens.

To enable gadget and tablet users to read your work on their equipment, offer your ebook downloads in at least three formats. Make one PDF version for laptop and computer users and also create mobi and epub versions for those who would like to read your book on their gadget or tablet. This way you would be able to reach other people who own smaller screen equipment. Your written works are a great read for a lot of people out there. Don't deny them the ability to display and read your book on their gadget or tablet.

Write Great Books while you Save Money

With the OpenOffice and calibre software on your Vista laptop, you're now on your way to becoming an informed and more intelligent web publisher. And you save money too for using freely available and useful software.

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