January 21, 2010

Place a Link to your Feedburner Feed on your Blogger Blog to Get More AdSense Exposure

The use of feeds has been around for a long time already but it did really took off when XML came to the scene and standardized all data exchanges in the Internet. Feeds have evolved as a standard way of distributing content in the Internet by packaging the content and moving it expeditiously and accurately on the highways and byways of the Internet. And as long as the feeds follow an acceptable format, it can be read and displayed easily by Internet browsers or specially designed feed readers.

Feeds are a convenient way of distributing the contents of your blog to your readers without them having to actually visit your blog. Readers love to read content on their favorite feed readers as they are given only one location from where they can get updated on new contents on their favorite blogs.

If you are displaying AdSense ads on your blog and did not setup AdSense for your feeds, you stand to lose a great number of impressions and possible clicks on your AdSense ads. As a writer and content developer, I have come to accept the presence of feeds so rather than lose the chance to earn from ads on my blogs, I just decided to manage my feeds well and place AdSense ads on them. This way, even if my readers read my blog on their favorite feed readers, I still maintain a level of exposure for my AdSense ads.

There are web sites that enable readers to read blog contents using feeds and Internet browsers also enable the readers to subscribe to a blog feed, I have tried subscribing to my blog using my Mozilla Firefox browser but the feed that it displays does not include the AdSense ads that I have setup for my feeds. The same is true with the Internet Explorer browser which fails to show the AdSense ads on the feeds from my blogs.

So it is best to include a link in your blog to the AdSense enabled feeds generated by Google Feedburner. It would also be good practice to redirect your standard Blogger Atom feed to Feedburner so that anyone who will subscribe to your feed using the Atom feed generator will receive the feed with Google AdSense ads on them.

But before you can use AdSense ads on your feeds from your Blogger blogs, you have to convert the default feeds generated by Atom to the Google Feedburner format. This is actually done as a step in setting up AdSense ads on your feeds but you can also do it manually by visiting the Google Feedburner web site and entering the URL of your blog.

From the point of view of the readers, feeds are an alternative way of reading the contents of your blog. Feed creators like the Google Feedburner take the contents of your blog and format them in such a way that they will be readable by feed readers. There is technology behind feeds called RSS that makes everything run smoothly and without a glitch.

I have been writing articles for my blogs for quite a while and have not been paying any attention to the so-called feeds until I discovered that you can place AdSense ads on them. Only when I started setting up AdSense ads for my feeds did I really come to know what feeds are.

I discovered that my feeds needed to be converted into Google's Feedburner format before I would be able to place AdSense ads on them. And so I had to perform that step while I was setting up AdSense ads for my feeds. And since my Blogger blogs had a default feed generator called Atom, I had to connect it with Feedburner so I would be sure that all my feeds will appear with AdSense ads on them. Once I set this up by identifying my Feedburner feed URL on my Blogger blog settings, the feed's AdSense statistics started to appear on the AdSense reports.

Google has a feed reader called Google Reader and you can search for it and sign up to use its service using your Google email address. In Google Reader, you can subscribe to any blog as long as you know the URL of that blog.

I have been using Google Reader before I decided to put AdSense ads on my feeds and tried subscribing to my blogs to test what Google Reader can do. At that time, I was using Google Reader to take a look at the contents of my blogs without actually going to the URL addresses of my blogs. There was no AdSense ads displayed then so I can read my blog contents without any distractions from the ads that were displayed if I were to actually read my contents on my blogs. But now that I have placed AdSense ads on my feeds, I will have to contend with reading the contents of my blogs in Google Reader with advertisements on them.

So it would be best for your readers to subscribe to your feed using the Google Feedburner link that you can place conspicuously on your blog. You should also redirect the default Atom feed generator in your blog to the Google Feedburner generated feed by putting your Feedburner feed's URL on the Site Feed setting of your Blogger blog.

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