January 27, 2010

How you can Access your DLink DIR-300 Wireless Router from the Internet

It can happen that someone in your house just called and told you he has a friend with him in your house who would like to access the Internet though your wireless Internet connection. However, you have setup your wireless router with access control so your child or your wife's visitor could not just easily connect to your wireless home network.

But there is a way by which you can access your DLink DIR-300 wireless router from the Internet. You might want to setup your wireless router so that you can access its web-based configuration interface from anywhere there is an Internet connection. DLink is providing free dynamic domain name service that can enable you to setup a virtual host that can be associated with your wireless router back home so that whenever someone uses that URL in the Internet, it will be referred back to your wireless router at home.

Servers that are hosting web pages on the Internet normally have fixed Internet Protocol addresses that the domain name servers around the world know about. Your Internet browser knows where these domain name servers are and it queries them first to know the Internet Protocol address of the page they are about to visit.

However, your Internet Protocol address is not normally fixed if you are a home Internet user. It changes every time and your Internet service provider just gives you one that is not being used at the moment whenever you turn on your DIR-300 wireless router. It would be impossible to access a web page with a constantly changing Internet Protocol address and that is why dynamic domain name service has been invented. It is a service that regularly updates the Internet Protocol address assigned to your wireless router.

To set up your wireless router at home so that it can be accessed from the Internet, you have to create a host name that can be used to refer to your DIR-300 at home at the DLink dynamic domain name service web site. You have to sign up for an account and after signing up, you can create a host name which you will use to refer to your wireless home connection. Then you will configure your wireless router to regularly check your Internet Protocol address and update the address associated with your DIR-300 at the DLink dynamic domain name service web site. Optionally, you can also setup your wireless router to enable remote configuration and use a port that is not normally used for serving content in the Internet.

Log on to your DLink DIR-300 wireless router and click on the Maintenance link at the top of the page. On the left hand portion of the page, click on DDNS Setting and on this page click on the link Sign up for DLink's free DDNS service. A new window will open and here, look for new users and click on the Start link. That will bring you to a new page where you would sign up for the service.

At this point, think of a good host name that you can use to refer to your wireless router at home. You would not want to get stuck on the DLink host name setup page agonizing over what name are you going to use for your DIR-300 wireless router so it would be best to have something ready before you go there.

Fill out all the blanks in the sign-up page and click on the Create Account link at the bottom of the page. For the Internet Protocol address, just copy the address that has been detected by the host name configuration page. Wait a little while then open a new window and sign in to your email account and look for the email message from DLink. Click on the link that you will find in the email message and you will be brought back to the DLink web site. You can close now the old DLink web site window that you used for signing up with the service.

Once your email address had been validated, your account is good to go so DLink will ask you to create a dynamic domain name service host name. Once your host name is accepted, you will now have a URL with which you can access your DLink DIR-300 wireless router in your house. The URL will be yourhostname.dlinkddns.com.

You can now log off at the DLink dynamic domain name service page and go back to your wireless router's web-based interface. Just log in again if you have been automatically logged out. Go back to where you were before you went to the DLink web site, that is, click on Maintenance at the top of the page then click on DDNS setting at the left hand portion of the page. At the lower part of the page, make sure that dlinkddns.com is selected on the first blank, enter your full URL on the host name blank, then enter the user name and password that you used to sign up with DLink's free dynamic domain name service.

Click on the button that says DDNS Account Testing and wait for the results. After a little while, it should say Successfully updated. If the update failed, re-check the data that you have entered and repeat the procedure until all errors are corrected. When you get the message successfully updated, it means that your DIR-300 wireless router is able to update your host name with whatever is the new Internet Protocol address that was given to you by your Internet service provider. Save the new configuration and wait a little while for the DIR-300 interface to come back.

Click on the Maintenance link at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page, choose any port number that you like, check the box that says Enable Remote Management and leave the IP Allowed to Access blank. Save the wireless router's configuration and open a new tab or window in your Internet browser. Type in the full URL of your host name at the address bar of the browser and press the enter key on your keyboard.

If you followed all the steps correctly, you would see the web-based configuration interface of your DIR-300 wireless router. If there is a problem, go back and repeat the procedure, making sure that you enter the correct information at every step. If you saw your wireless router's web interface, then you have configured your DIR-300 wireless router correctly for access anywhere in the Internet.

Log off of your wireless router's web based interface that you were accessing locally and close your Internet browser. Test again if you can access your wireless router using the URL of your host name. Call a friend and ask him to try to access your DIR-300 wireless router from his house. If he can access it, then you have successfully set up your DIR-300 for access from the Internet.

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