December 15, 2009

Three Simple Ways to Promote your Personal Web Site For Free

If you're using your web site to generate income through Adsense or other advertising programs, you need to increase traffic to your site in every way possible. And since you might not have the budget to really market your site, you are looking for ways of promoting your web site for free. Here are three simple ways of promoting your personal web site for free.

First, you can write a highly optimized landing page and post it in your other web sites or blogs. The landing page should target the keyword phrases that you think users searching for your web site will use. If you think another keyword phrase would be popular, then you can write another landing page using an alternative keyword phrase. Just make sure that the new landing page is significantly different from the old one. Don't just change the title and the keywords in the new landing page. Insert new paragraphs and revise some sentences to make it significantly different from the old one.

Check that your landing pages have been indexed by the search engines. For Google, you can use the Google search tool by typing the word info plus colon then the URL of the landing page. Perform searches on your targeted keyword and make sure that it appears at least near the beginning of the search page results. If not, then do some more optimization until you're satisfied with the results. The landing page should have only one link going out and that link should bring the user to the web site you are promoting.

Next, look for the 2Digg web site and get yourself an account in this site. At 2Digg, submit as many stories about the web site you're promoting depending on how many keyword phrases you are targeting. You can only submit one story per day so you have to prioritize which story to submit first. Be ready with the following items for your stories: the target URL, the title of the story, a few sentence description of your site, the keyword phrase you are using and the category on which the story should be included.

2Digg is a very effective and easy to use promotional tool for web sites. You don't have to write a whole article where you can place your link like in other article submission sites. The content of the brief story is highly targeted so the page performs well on search engine results. However, you have to live with the limitations imposed on the number of stories you can submit and the amount of information you can provide. Be informed also that you can only submit one story for one URL and make sure that the URL you are using for your stories point directly to the web site you are promoting.

Thirdly, write a full-blown article on the theme of the web site that you are promoting, convert it to PDF and submit it to the DocStoc web site. The article should be a really useful article and not just a promotional brochure for your web site. In my case where I'm promoting a language learning site, I just took one lesson, converted it to PDF and posted it at DocStoc. When submitting your article, you should be ready with the following information: the file name of the article in your computer, the title of the document, the description of the document and the keywords that describe the contents of the document. Again, you can submit as many articles
depending on how many keyword phrases you are targeting for the site you are promoting.

DocStoc is a document submission site where you will find a lot of documents from all parts of the world in different languages. Make sure that your document will stand out from the rest by writing a highly optimized title, description and keywords that you need to submit together with the document. Combine the information about your web site with the information about the document that you are submitting. Make sure that there is a link that point to your web site inside the document that you submit together with the information that there are more of this type of information in the web site you are promoting.

I do not advise using article submission sites for promoting your web site. Your article will just end up at sites that have no real content to speak of and were just created to make money on advertisements. I think that your prestige in the industry you are working on will only be severely affected if people find your article in those sites. I did submit a few articles at Ezine but only for the purpose of having priority listing on the search engine results page.

So try using these simple ways of promoting your personal web site for free. Hopefully, they can make a difference in the traffic that will flow to the web site you are promoting.

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