December 20, 2009

How not to optimize your Personal Web Page: Lessons Learned

How not to optimize your Personal Web Page: Lessons Learned documents the author's efforts at optimizing his own personal web pages including the mistakes he made and the lessons he learned. With today's competition at the Internet reaching new heights, owners of personal web sites must exert efforts to have their web pages optimized if their web pages are to remain afloat and avoid being cast into Internet oblivion.

How not to optimize your Personal Web Page: Lessons Learned combines three articles focusing on the author's personal web page optimization efforts. The articles describe what steps the author took to optimize his web pages and how he performed the web page optimization tasks. He also points out the mistakes he made and the resulting effects of those mistakes on the web page's performance on the search page results. Here are excerpts from the three articles included in the PDF document:

Lesson in Optimizing Web Page Using Keyword Density

"I recently optimized some of my web pages by increasing their keyword density and checking over a period of time how my pages performed in the Google's search results page. There were indeed some improvements so I came to conclude that search engine optimization (SEO) does work.

What I did was not SEO per se but just plain and simple optimization focusing mainly on keyword density or the number of times the keyword is repeated on a page. I found out how important it is that the phrase be typed exactly as how it appeared on the page or the results will not be acceptable."

Optimizing Personal Web Pages Using Author's Name as Target Keyword

"I recently undertook a small project to optimize the web pages on my websites using my full name as the keyword target.

I started by searching my web pages on Google using my full name as keyword and then identified those web pages that are the farthest away from page one of the search page results. I worked on these sub-optimized pages first, and then moved closer and closer to page one where the pages did not really need any optimization."

Optimizing a New Personal Web on a Budget

"Optimizing a personal web site for search engines presents a unique challenge as compared with business or commercial sites that need a whole team of SEO experts working on nothing else but to make sure that the web site is prominently positioned on search results returned for the keyword phrase being targeted.

Perhaps the most important factor that should be well taken care of beforehand is the clarity of the keyword phrase being targeted. This is to make sure that there are enough and definite keyword phrases to work on when building the landing pages."

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