December 15, 2009

Google Tools that Web Writers Need to Know

Writers can take advantage of using the web tools that Google makes available online for free use by anyone. They should make it a point to know how these tools work and be familiar on using them if they want their work to fare well on the Internet.

Web writing imposes additional concerns that the writer needs to address as compared with writing for the print of broadcast media. Aside from making sure that write-up adheres to grammatical and style rules, the writer needs to do ensure that the write-up will reach the intended audience and for this purpose the writer needs the help of the search engines.

Fortunately, Google has made available a few online tools that the writer can use to accomplish the tasks that he needs to do. These include the Google search tool, the keyword tool, the web page creation tools, a monetization tool, the URL submit tool and the URL removal tool.

When writing something that is intended for publication in the Internet, the first thing that a writer needs to do is search the web for materials that have already been written on the subject matter that the writer has chosen to write on. The Google search page is a fairly easy to use tool that can serve this need well. The search results gives the writer an idea of how many written text had been produced and posted on the Internet and can lead the writer to browse any of the materials the search engine has found. This information can lead the writer to sharpen his focus on the article he is planning to write or could give the writer an idea on from what angle he should approach the writing of his article.

The writer uses the Google keyword tool for many purposes. For one, he can use it to form a general idea on what the people are searching with regard to the topic that he is writing on. If the tool proves that the proposed topic the writer wants to write about does not receive that much interest, he may abandon writing about it or he may have had a better idea on an alternative topic to write on. Or, the writer may choose to proceed with the writing of his article but go on writing about it with an altogether different focus.

If the writer is interested in making money from his articles, he can use the keyword tool to find out how much advertisers are willing to pay if their advertisement is clicked when placed alongside an article on the web page. He can then focus his writing on subjects that provide a higher monetary reward in terms of income from advertisement clicks.

The keyword tool also provides information on how competitive the keyword is, giving the writer an indication of how many writers are already targeting their articles on that keyword. He may then decide to forget writing on that particular topic and instead look for subjects where there is less competition but more motivated users.

Google provides writers several ways to publish web sites on the Internet for free but the two most notable are the Google Blogger and the Google Sites. Blogger makes available an easy to use web page creator designed for people without any knowledge of HTML. One can create his own blog easily in a couple of minutes and starting writing about the things he is interested in. Google Sites allows the writer to create a true personal web site and gives him more leeway on the things that he can post on his web site. To be sure, there are still restrictions and limitations but the main thing is that the writer is able to publish his works for free. And he can even choose to make money on his writings by deciding to monetize his web site using advertisements from Google.

Adsense is the name of the marketing program that Google uses to place advertisements on any type of web sites. You need to have a Google email address to be able to use Adsense on your web site. You can choose from a variety of different ad formats to place on your web pages. Google provides the HTML codes that will display the advertisements on the pages of your web site. You will just insert the codes in the parts of your HTML where you want the advertisement to appear. You can also check anytime how much money you are getting from the views and clicks of your web page readers.

Google will not automatically index your site once it is created. You need to have a link outside of your web site from a site that Google has already indexed for the Google crawlers to be able to find your web site and index it. You can check if your web page is already on Google's data base by searching for your page using Google search using the keyword info then colon then your web site's URL. If Google has not yet indexed your page, you can ask Google to visit it using Google's URL submit tool. You can search for this tool in Google search and once the submit page, you can type in your URL and your page will be submitted for indexing by Google.

Finally, you might decide one day to delete entirely any web page that you have created and write a new one with better information and style. But you should not forget that the old web page still is present in the Google data base. Your readers will still be directed to the old page that you have deleted and will be shown a notice that you have deleted that page. To prevent this from happening, you need to use the Google URL removal tool so that your old page will stop appearing on searches made by your readers. You can search for this tool on Google and once you have logged in to this page, you can enter the URL of your deleted page and submit the URL for deletion on the Google data base.

Writers who use the Internet to publish their work need to be familiar and knowledgeable in using these tools for them to become effective in making their work readily accessible by their readers. Of what good is a high quality written work if it cannot be found by the intended readers? It would be a good idea for web writers to know and become expert users of these indispensable tools. They are available online for everyone to use for free, the only requirement being that you have a Google email address.

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