December 19, 2009

Google Search and Publishing Tools for Web Writers

Snapshot of cover of the PDF ebook Google Search and Publishing Tools for Web Writers

Google provides indispensable tools for web writers looking to publish their works in the Internet. These tools include Google search, the keyword and monetization tools, web site and blog creation tools, and web page URL addition and removal tools. Writers intending to publish to the Web need to know what these tools are and how they can be used to be able to publish successfully in the Internet.

Google Search and Publishing Tools for Web Writers is a PDF document that contains two articles focusing on how the search and web publishing tools work. The articles aim to introduce aspiring Internet writers to what writing or publishing step the tools may be applied and on their basic functions. Here are some excerpts from the two articles:

Google Search Engine Basics for Readers and Writers

"Search engines are one of the most useful tools that are available in the Internet. Google is the number one search engine and the most used by searchers in the Web. It will be a good idea to make both readers and writers better acquainted with the Google search engine and adept at its use if the flow of information is to be facilitated in the Internet.

While writers do use the Google search engine to find out what materials have already been written on their topic of interest, they also use Google for other purposes that readers need not be concerned of. One particular use that writers make of the Google search engine is to find out whether their article had already been indexed by Google."

Google Tools that Web Writers Need to Know

"Writers can take advantage of using the web tools that Google makes available online for free use by anyone. They should make it a point to know how these tools work and be familiar on using them if they want their work to fare well on the Internet.

Fortunately, Google has made available a few online tools that the writer can use to accomplish the tasks that he needs to do. These include the Google search tool, the keyword tool, the web page creation tools, a monetization tool, the URL submit tool and the URL removal tool."

You can download the Google Search and Publishing Tools for Web Writers PDF document from: