December 30, 2009

Creating a Free Personal Website at Google Sites and WordPress

Creating a Free Personal Website at Google Sites and WordPress

If you're thinking about creating a free personal website, consider creating one at either Google Sites or WordPress depending on how comfortable you are with HTML. Google Sites seems to be a little friendlier to people without HTML know-how while WordPress would be an excellent choice for those who are familiar with HTML and know how to use Cascading Style Sheets.

Creating a Free Personal Website at Google Sites and WordPress is a PDF document describing the author's experience of creating free personal web sites at both Google Sites and WordPress. Here are a few few excerpts from the document:

"I have created two personal websites with almost identical contents using free web building and hosting services, the first being hosted at Google Sites and the second at WordPress. Both Google Sites and WordPress provide excellent web building environments and tools to help non-technical web builders create visually appealing and useful websites.

If you're looking for a free hosting site where you can easily create a personal web and won't cost you a dime to maintain, check out what Google Sites has to offer to free website services users. While Google Sites has been designed for team web building suited for small companies and large projects, it's perfect for creating and hosting a medium sized personal web.

If you have been thinking of creating a website for free and that will be attractive and look professionally done, then your choice would be WordPress. Wordpress gives you a working environment where all the things that you will need are readily accessible. I would say that the WordPress service is more attuned to those who are already bloggers and not for the ordinary web surfer. Everything has been meticulously thought of and the needs of the blogger methodically anticipated.

I found out that more optimization work could be done on Google Sites since it at least allowed authors to write the contents of the description Meta tag on each page of the website. I may not know how to do it in WordPress but I found it extremely difficult to edit the contents of the Meta tags in WordPress."

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