April 18, 2009

My New Vista Seems to Run Slower than my Old XP Computer

Snapshot of Vista control panel with graphics enhancements removed

Vista Control Panel with Graphics Effects Removed

So you're now using the new Vista operating system in your computer and you're fascinated by the beautiful graphics that you see on your desktop. But you sometimes wonder why your new Vista seems to run slower than your good old XP computer.

Your new Vista computer does not really runs slower, only that the computer's graphics take a longer time to compose. This is because of the many graphics enhancements that Vista includes to produce a really enticing visual experience.

You will notice that with Vista, you feel a certain solidness in the graphics that is almost akin to a three-dimensional effect. You experience depth in the graphics and vibrancy in the colors that Vista produce. Now, you're captivated by the distinctive Vista look and feel.

But if you're not really into more appealing graphics and interested more on faster graphics composition on your desktop, there is a way to remove all the Vista graphics enhancements that are enabled by default.

Bring up your Vista control panel and click on the System and Maintenance item on the control panel window. On the next window that will come up, click on the Performance Information and Tools. On the upper left hand portion of the next window, click on Adjust visual effects and a small pop-up window will show up.

Choose the Adjust for best performance radio button. then click on the Apply button at the bottom part of the pop-up window. Vista will now redraw all the open windows in your desktop with all the graphics enhancements removed. If you're comfortable with the plain and simple graphics that will result, then close all the control panel windows and check how faster new windows will load.

It's really a choice between faster drawing of the graphics or slower composition but more appealing visual experience. You do have the option to customize the settings by choosing only the graphics enhancements that you like and discarding the rest. And you can always revert to the default setting which is to let Vista choose what is best for your computer.

In my case, I could tolerate a small delay in the loading of my graphics and I like the distinctive Vista look and feel in my windows so I just let my graphics adjustment remain on the default setting.

To revert to the original graphics adjustments setting, just repeat the procedure and choose the original setting which is to let Vista choose what is best for your computer. Once you select that option, Vista will reinstate all the graphics bells and whistles and after Vista is done doing this, just close again all the control panel windows and you're back to the original Vista graphics enhancement setting.

So the next time that you notice that your new Vista runs slower than your old XP computer, know that there's a reason for it and that you can if you like remove Vista's window graphics enhancements and thus load your desktop windows faster.