March 29, 2009

Why Microphone is not Heard on the Speakers of Vista Laptop

Snapshot of the Video Tutorial on how to turn on input monitor on Vista laptop. Included in the article dealing with can't hear my microphone on the speakers of my Vista Laptop?

Why can I record myself talking on my microphone but can't hear myself on the speakers when singing with my karaoke software on my vista computer? This article explains how to turn the input monitor on in Vista computers so that you can hear your voice from your computer's speakers. You have to do this if you want to enjoy singing karaoke songs using your computer.

Consider this scenario. You just found an exciting karaoke software that is free to download and immediately installed the software in your computer. But when you started singing, you noticed that you can't hear your voice on your computer's speakers.

You thought what the matter with this computer is, doesn't Vista like my voice? Of course not, you just forgot to set a vital configuration setting in the hardware and sound setup of your Vista computer.

Open your control panel and click on the Hardware and Sound item that you will find on the middle portion of the control panel window. Another window will open and under the Sound item click on manage audio devices.

A small pop-up window will come up with your speaker's hardware shown. Click on the speaker hardware to highlight it and you'll notice that two buttons on the lower part of the small window will appear.

Click on the Properties button and another small pop-up window will come up. Click on the Levels tab at the top portion of the small window. There will be three items that you can configure on this pop-up window: speakers, PC speaker and input monitor.

Don't bother with the speakers and the PC speaker but notice that there is a red stop sign on the input monitor icon. That means that your input monitor is off and that's the reason why you can't hear your voice on the speakers of your computer.

Click on the input monitor icon once to enable it, then click the OK button on the small pop-up window. Click OK as well on the first small window to open in order to close it. Finally, click on the X mark on the right hand topmost portion of your control panel window to close the control panel.

Now, make sure that your speaker's volume is not muted, that is, there is no stop sign on the speaker icon on the lower right hand portion of the Vista desktop. Slide the speaker's volume to about 80 and start talking on your microphone. Can you hear your voice now on the speakers of your computer? Now you can enjoy singing along with your favorite karaoke song.

Please note that this solution to why can't I hear my microphone on the speakers of my Vista laptop applies only if the sound hardware in you Vista computer is SigmaTel. If your sound hardware is not SigmaTel, then you can find other solutions in the Internet.

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